•Water Well Drilling
•Geological Investigation
•Geophysical Investigation
•Geotechnical Investigations
•Construction Materials Testing
•Geophysical Surveys for Water Wells
•Well Logging
•Pumping Tests
•Water Well Development and Cleaning
•Well Video Graphy
•Supply Submersible Water Pumps & Well Materials

Bore Hole Video Logging

Another milestone of CDC is to have proper equipped as well as skilled qualified personnel to have a proper video logging activities up to 1640ft deep in Pakistan. CDC owned a color CCTV video logging camera for industrial and domestic use for Water-Well.

Importance of Underground Waters & Protection

Groundwater is one of Pakistan’s most valuable natural resources, which is not efficiently used it is ignored like other natural resources, even though most provinces get their water from surface sources such as ditches, lakes and rivers, it is estimated that there is ten times as much fresh and high quality water below the land surface than in all the lakes and rivers combined. Groundwater is a far safer water source than surface water because it is protected by impermeable grounds like clay or rock, and is not so easily contaminated.

Groundwater Protection, How?

Groundwater is one of the world’s most important natural resources, yet most of us do little to protect it. The fact is, a great many of us rely on groundwater for drinking, domestic, agricultural and industrial uses. Our natural environment, such as streams, fish, and wildlife also depend on groundwater.

How Can It Get Contaminated?

Groundwater is very susceptible to contamination, unless protected by a low permeability layer such as clay. Potential sources of contamination include:

•Malfunctioning household septic systems
•Careless disposal of cleaners, oil and antifreeze
•Improper application of fertilizers and pesticides
•Leaks from oil and chemical storage tanks
•Industrial leaks and spills
•Improper animal manure storage
•Landfills and garbage dumps

How to be sure the water you drink is safe and clean?
Fortunately, there are many things you can do to start protecting your groundwater resource.The time to start is now!
Properly constructed water well is the best way to insure that the water you drink is safe and clean!

A Properly Constructed Well Type

A full fledged solution

CDC Created to meet the increasing demands for a full fledged solution driven company, the Dewatering service mandate is to engineer, manage and supply major temporary site dewatering and sewage bypass projects in the municipal, construction, industrial and mining sectors. On-site project supervision, technical expertise and equipment maintenance services are also offered.

Built on many years of water handling experience, the Dewatering service specializes in effective and environmentally secure water and wastewater transfer applications such as Sewage Bypass, Excavation Dewatering, Flood Drainage, Surface Irrigation and Mining Dewatering.

It also offers a full service . A complete line of submersible pumps, engine-driven suction pumps, generators, piping and complementary accessories are available for either long or short-term rental. With 13 coast to coast service locations, Xylem Water Solutions is the only nation-wide company to offer complete turn-key water handling solutions, expertise and products.


CDC offers the varied ranges of Coring, Dry Core Drilling, Vertical / Horizontal Drilling. CDC correlate the drilling work with help of its expert team of geologist to fulfill the need of client of petro physical and petrochemical analysis of Lime query, coal query or even if want to test the bearing capacity and strength of rock to establish a comprehensive datum for structure. CDC engaged with all core size barrels, shoes and tubes to achieve client satisfaction.

Geophysical Survey

Wise using conserves underground water resources. In other words extraction and using of groundwater like other natural resources require prospecting, exploration development, exploitation and sound management; otherwise, it may lead to the waste of time and resources. Geophysical Survey is an electrical method resistivity survey performed on site before drilling operations to determine the depth of aquifer layers, thickness of ground layers, extend of layers and to estimate the depth of the well according to the aquifer locations.

Geo technical Works

Geotechnical engineering is a difficult task and needs professional staff and experience; our geotechnical engineering services are professional and prices competitive, that appeals all the class and sections.
Reports with detailed information are supplied to assist and support engineering, design and construction decisions relating to ground improvement, foundation design, bearing capacity assessment, road pavement design, sub grade characteristics, compaction control of soil, bituminous and associated materials testing.
Our engineers and technicians have experience and are trained to work as per the Pakistan Standard’s.
Areas Covered:

•Geotechnical Drillings in alluvial grounds and rocks
•Geotechnical Investigation for buildings, industrial development, dams, highways, tunnels and bridges
•Geotechnical Investigation for ports construction
•In situ testing for soil and rock mechanics investigations
•Geotechnical consulting
•Geophysical investigations and cross-hole testing
•Rock slope stability and support
•Advanced Soil Testing Laboratory
•Rock Testing Capability

Long Pumping Test

CDC provides Long pump test from 50 GPM to 1800 GPM giving time duration of 24 hours up to 720 Hours. CDCkept a specialized and fully loaded equipped to maintain the durability and accuracy of Long pump test results. CDC also contain advance hydro kit for water electromagnetic flow meter, sonic and electric water level Indicators, Portable SDI kit, Turbidity Kit, PH meter, TDS meter and many more.


CDC Provide and installed every type of piezometer in dams, barrages, tunnels, railway tracks and foundations etc. Piezometers measure pore-water pressure and ground water levels, providing information essential to: •Understanding initial site conditions.

•Determining safe rates for placement of fill

•Predicting slope stability.

•Designing for lateral earth pressures.

•Evaluating the effectiveness of drainage schemes.

•Checking the performance of containment systems.


CDC offers you the Construction of pilling & Installation of Osterberg cell (‘O’ cell)
•On shore & off shore pilling.
•Pilling for bridges, buildings, railway tracks & jetties etc.
•Diameters of bored piles range from 0.6 meter to 2.0 m meters,
•We are able to construct pile with percussion, reverse rotary & straight rotary.


Plate Load Test is a field test.
•Determine the ultimate bearing capacity of soil.
•Determine the maximum settlement under a given load.
•Provides data for use in the evaluation and design of rigid and flexible-type airport and highway pavements

Submersible Water Pumps

Since our profession is well drilling and installation, so we better know how and where to install the submersible water pump in the well. We will provide you with the best technical practices to install new imported Italian submersible pump and accessories  / Motors, repair existing pumps or change your submersible pumps / Motors


CDC performing as an GIS consultants, working to update in various field such as survey, planning, design, stakeout, data base, GIS, geology, mine etc. It is our mission to provide accurate, accessible, and comprehensive data and services to support the needs of our citizens, private businesses and government sectors. CDC provides mapping and printing services and GIS data.

•Topographical surveys and mapping
•Constructing topographic (cross-sectional) profiles
•Hydro geological mapping and drainage pattern profile
•Filed survey for data collection
•Image processing
•Large scale mapping
• Master planning and estimation
•Location and caller elevation survey with GPS
•Land demarcation
•Layout of roads, sewerage and plots
•Linear plan for structure
•Establishing vertical and horizontal control for accurately defining locations


CDC can recognize and analyze the spatial relationships that exist within digitally stored spatial data. These topological relationships allow complex partial and analysis to be performed. Topological relationships between geometric entities traditionally include adjacency (what adjoins what), containment (what encloses what),
•proximity (how close something is to something else)
•Reconstitute a sight in synthesized images of the ground
•Determine a trajectory of over flight of the ground
•Calculate surfaces or volumes,
•Trace topographic profiles.


Last but not the least at hydro stride is to treat the discharge ground water. Here the working of one sector of CDC concluded and open the adaptable anomalous sub division for treatment of water which starts from Reverse osmosis plant followed by arsenic absorption, control of Bacteria till the waste water treatment plant.


CDC provides high varieties of water chemical analysis. CDC works form simple TDS portable operations to BOD, VOC, THMs, Pesticides, Metals, Heavy metals, trace elements and etc. by different universal standardized sanctioned methods.

Continental Drilling Company is one of the largest water well drilling contractors in Pakistan . A fleet of 7 drill rigs of varying size and up to 400M vertical drilling capability insure that the company is prepared to meet practically any drilling challenge.
The year 2014 marked 4 years of our successful experience in Water Well Drilling and Geotechnical Investigations in Pakistan. Water wells for Industrial and Agriculture use are our main focus, and we have the knowledge, experience and equipment to help you get the most out of the ground that Mother Nature laid down. Our drillers have been called on to help with difficult drilling projects in Pakistan.
You select the type of material for your wells, we will supply and install it for you; from PVC / MS casing and screens to carbon black steel casings, and Johnson Screens are all available.

Selection of suitable drilling site for test holes and Water-Wells

Design, construction, supervision and development of Water-Wells
•Location and delineation of aquifers
•Determination of litho logic layers, boundaries, water quality, porosity and permeability of various formations.
•Location of fresh water pockets and their extent in saline water areas.
•Detection of water bearing structures such as fractured zone and faults in bedrocks.


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